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We answer the most common steel beams questions

I’m after some help with the project I’m working on, could I talk it through with someone?

Yes, we can advise you on your project and if we cannot help we can point you in the right direction. Get in touch via our contact page for great, expert advice.

Can you splice this beam, so we can get it in?

Most beams can usually be spliced (depending on location) and if there is no connection calculation and the loads are available we can provide them.

How heavy are the members?

We can advise you of the individual member weights.

Will the steelwork be drawn?

For most projects we will produce general arrangement drawings and detailed fabrication drawings.

Can I check/approve the drawings before the steel is fabricated?

We will send you the drawings for a final check, after receiving your approval we will then proceed with fabrication.

What finish can I have?

There are several types of finishes available, shotblasted, primed, galvanised, we can also offer an intumescent (fire retardant) paint.

Do you deliver?


Will it be delivered on hi-ab?

Dependent on size, yes.

Could you call me an hour before you deliver?

Yes we can offer you delivery, once we fully understand your requirements we will advise you of the delivery charge. We will arrange a mutually agreeable delivery period on an appropriate vehicle, including hi-ab vehicles if required. We can also arrange for the driver or the office to give you a pre-deliver call.

Do you provide the fixing bolts?

We can provide any necessary fixings/bolts.

Can I pay on delivery?

We would usually expect payment to be made at the time of order, for larger projects we may accept a deposit and in some circumstance’s (usually beams with no fabrication) we would accept payment on delivery.

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